Do Christians share their God with Muslims?

Some Christians insist that their God is Allah, the god of Islam. Their leaders appear to be ambivalent. Is there a need for an unequivocal comment from Catholic and Anglican church leaders?

Christians would never argue that their God is not the God of Jews. They are happy with Christianity being allied to Judaism under the umbrella term “Judeo-Christian” religions. The term is exclusive and sidelines Islam.

Jesus was a Jew so his God was the God of Abraham and Moses. 

In the same way that Jews and Christians ascribe their origins to Isaac, second son of Abraham, Muslims ascribe their roots to the first son, Ishmael. 

If Abraham was a monotheist surely God and Allah can only be one.

How, then, can today’s Muslims now have a different god? Did Isaac and Ishmael have different gods? Where is the evidence? 

Muslims must surely only be offended by any assertion that Allah, a word with the same root as the Jewish term El, is not God. If El and Allah are not one is there any possible way of determining if one is true and the other is false? 

If the peoples that became Muslims believed they were following a god other than God why have they adopted much of the Old Testament time line and why adopt and use so many Judeo-Christian first names? 

Frankly it seems to me that Jews and Muslims have a common God, who was also the God of Jesus. This poses the question if Jews, Muslims and Jesus and his first followers had one God, when did today’s Christians adopt a new God? 

Put another way, if today’s Christians seriously believe that they do not share their God with Muslims can they claim to share their God with Jews? 


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