Is there only one Abrahamic religion?

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I am finding it difficult not to believe that negative stereotyping is not hard wired in children at an early age.

My interfaith studies suggest that a big problem that Christianity tends to be #Islamophobic. There are significant elements in the broad Christian Church who do not recognise that the #God of #Muslims is their own God.

When pressed @c_of_e and @ABCJustin find it difficult to accept without equivocation or mental reservation that the God of Jesus is the God of Muhammed.

Surely therein lies the problem. If were to accept that there is one God we can begin to think of a single Abrahamic religion.

Would that be so hard? Neither Judaism, Islam nor Christianity are exactly homogeneous religions on the first instance. I was recently introduced to the concept of #unitarian Christians, who don’t follow trinitarian principles.

Just a thought but if modern RE curricula focused on sameness and not difference surely attitudes are bound to change.


2 thoughts on “Is there only one Abrahamic religion?”

  1. If the muslm god is the christian god, why was the islamic religion founded?

    How can someone who believes ‘salvation’ can only come from being one with Jesus accept a belief that Jesus was just a prohpet?

    The closer you look at religion the more irrconcilable differences you see. Not just differences, but absolute, fundamentally opposing positions – with the ‘wrong’ religion condemning anyone who follows it to hell, so an urgent, overwhelming need to ‘save’ people from it…

    1. Paul, when you drill down and look for the reasons for the apparently irreconcilable differences between you should find that they are in fact similarities.

      I actually with struggle with religion and it certainly seems to be a cause of problems and tensions.

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