Clothes made with two different threads

Earlier I tweeted in reply to Dan Snow @thehistoryguy Heterosexual sex perhaps?

Surely there is a meaningful basis for most, if not all, seemingly curious religious rituals.

My reading suggests that ancient Hebrew priests practised extreme hygiene for the purpose of their sacrificial duties. They lived in. Wet dreams and sleeping/lying with another man would have rendered them unclean. They would have undergone ritual cleansing – the origin Christian baptism and Muslim ritual ablutions – before admission to the temple. No intercourse was permitted.

Temple sacrifice stopped in AD70 with the destruction of the second temple.

As for clothing made of two materials, I submit the problem may have been the seem, which may not have been easy to clean.

Dan was tweeting, as were many others, after UKIP’s David Silvester blamed recent floods over David Cameron’s making gay “marriage” legal.

Dan tweeted that he had worn clothes of different threads.

Many years ago I heard of a GP who had been presented with a patient with a line of bites around both legs either above or below the knee. He asked his patient to take off her skirt and he unpicked the hem which was home to a flee infestation. This skirt may have been new and of dubious provenance – such as back street sweat shop.

I hazard a guess that anything with a hem or seem would not have been easy to get absolutely clean.

This may not be the actual reason for the ban on clothes made from two threads – often presumed to mean two different materials – but there must be an earthly reason. Why make something up?


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