Do we need joined up thinking?

This is a copy of a long tweet prompted by a community protest that stopped a demonstration of humane non-stun slaughter. I have to ask, do people really believe that slaughter is a clinical procedure?

@BritishVets @RSPCA_official I came across this tweet earlier today.

“Slaughter workshop cancelled after community outrage. #backyardslaughter #noslaughter

@aldf , who tweeted, fight animal cruelty. Not for the first time I have thought and occasionally said that the best place to kill chicken may well be at the bottom of the garden but by someone trained to do so. No need for stunning.

Does this not demonstrate the need firstly for properly joined up thinking, and secondly to reconnect people with their food production?

This presumably would discourage meat consumption, but surely that would be good for health and environment.

I am trying to engage because secularism teaches that we do not need to worry about animals’ experiences between farm gate and stun pen. It’s hardly a stress free, humane and pleasurable “journey”. Why do we ship live lambs from Scotland to Wales, for example, so that they can be marketed as “Welsh” (assuming another tweet just seen is accurate)?

I am just asking because surely this is the real conversation and that about stunning is merely a smokescreen designed to help us ignore the issue.

Is the repeated attempts to pin the problem on religion merely an attempt to placate commercial interests?

I am asking because I detect denial within the animal welfare professions.

I am asking in this way because the conversation needs to be properly and openly in the public domain


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