Christians do do halal

A good read in which reference is made to Christians observing halal or kosher practices. 

Why would they not? Halal and Kosher slaughter practices that we often call religious or ritual slaughter. Apart from a prayer, that effectively thanks Our Creator or Our Maker (to keep this secular) there is no other aspect of slaughter practice that is remotely theological. Again to keep this secular most of us have some concept of spiritually and almost all of is have a sense of “sanctity of life”. Life is obviously given by Our Maker and arguably it’s in His remit to take. When mere mortal takes a life he owes it to the animal and Our Maker to seek forgiveness. 

There being only One Maker it makes little sense for Christians not to have retained the cultural practices of the region where Christ lived.

If there is any ritual in slaughter practice it will the procedure for sharpening the knife and checking its sharpness.

I difficulty understand why Christians disown their Muslim Brothers and Sisters. They do and one Christian community leader recently seriously attacked Islam in the print media. His Christian Brothers initially refused to reign in their wayward Brother. 

Some Christians believe their Muslim Brothers and Sisters follow a different deity and use the belief to reject their Brotherhood. But that argument does not add up. How can there be more than One deity? There can only be One Creator and both Christians and Muslims equate The Creator to God and Allah respectively. God and Allah must be One. 

I am no theologian but my simple brain gets this. Why do our learned spiritual leaders struggle with this and in turn “disown” their historical traditions?

Bruce Brown


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