Fighting against “religious slaughter” is not racist

I have reblogged with my comments. Both pieces long. Both the original and the response obviously claim objectivity and truth. The are two sides of the same debate.

Animal Rights

It isn’t racist to speak out against cruelty

Over the past fortnight the issue of ritual slaughter and stunning has been top of the news agenda across the UK.

Scotland for Animals has been campaigning for a complete end to slaughter without fully effective stunning for several years. This campaign has met serious resistance not only from governments but from other animal organisations desperate not to, in what one particular group stated, to “open a can of worms”.

Many animal rights/ welfare organisations and the British Veterinary Association have been falling over themselves to get media airtime attempting to calm the public and assure us that the welfare problems associated to ritual slaughter are overstated.

Below we would like to address some of the claims these organisations have made and give you the facts behind the spin.

The claims

“Electro immobilisation is not an approved method during slaughter and…

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