Sharia Law – Equal status for men and women

Listening BBC’s Womens’ Hour a few days ago (Dec 16th 2014, I recall) I heard an interview with a Conservative Party spokeswomen who was promoting the party’s Women2Win initiative.

I am not sure that the interview was especially oustanding. In any event I was on the M5 and so would not have been concentrating on the programme but one statement stood out:

“Women have different life experiences [compared to men]. They are neither inferior or superior.”

I wrote my earlier blog:

after widespread criticism, by feminists and others with a poor grasps of Islam, of sharia succession rules in the social media. There is a perception that Islam, that is the religion,  is misogynistic but is it?

It seems in the western world women can be different and equal at the same time. Why not in Islam?

Why do western folk so struggle to accommodate Islam and its cultures?

I guess not all Muslims follow the founding principles of Islam wonderfully well and may themselves struggle with their grasp of them. I have empathy with Islam as my blogs show. I have interesting conversations with many Muslims. When a work colleague told me that her husband was trying to encourage her to wear niqab, when she was more than a little way from accepting the idea, I had to conclude that his expectations may be wrong. Meanwhile his wife’s knowledge may not have been deep enough to ensure a fully informed discussion. But is this evidence of misogyny? Not necessarily.


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