Can England tolerate Muslims?


Can England tolerate Muslims?

Let me be clear at the outset. I am not sharing this out of spite or hatred for anyone. I have been blessed (and continue to do so) to work and socialise with folks from all sorts of weird and wonderful backgrounds. In fact, I would like to think that on my travels I have matured enough to embrace different cultures and faiths. After all, isn’t that what makes our country a great place to live in?

So, after much deliberation and reflection, I wanted to share a very personal experience I had recently. My intention here is to highlight that racism, Islamophobia, extremism, intolerance, ignorance and whatever else you want to call it has reached frightening levels. Gone are the days when people would murmur their hatred privately. In some far away place, restricted to a group of unfortunate souls who just haven’t had the…

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